if you love me,
honestly, i just wanna sleep all the time.
I'm obsessed with cute people, superhero movies, lady gaga, quotes, taking selfies, laughing at dumb jokes and myself, and wasting time thinking about people who don't care.
I overthink a lot, so don't say cute stuff to me because I will think about it nonstop and wonder if you actually meant it or not.

Get to know me, ask for advice, send me questions, ask about my day, tell me about your day, etc. Let's talk, my ask box is always open, and anon is always on.

let me go

Black Widow and Hawkeye
Emerald City Comicon 2013

they are engaged aww how cute and I love their cosplay~
also thanks to hawkeye for kissing my cheek cause my dad asked -_-
and thanks to your fiance for letting you hahah
I promise it was all my dad’s fault cause he likes to embarrass me -_-